Ontario, dear Ontario, where are we heading? (Part 1)

Is anyone really surprised with the Drummond Report? We here at The Parkdale Party certainly are not. Mr. McGuinty’s transformation of our economy from one of manufacturing to one of services is just about complete. Criticising with 20/20 hindsight is easy but the damage to our economy has been done and the folly of the Liberal Party’s policies have been painfully exposed. So, where do we go from here? As tough to digest as The Drummond Report is it is our opinion that, aside from the obvious cuts in spending that have been identified, there really is no job creation plan. So let’s move forward. What would The Parkdale Party do to create jobs? An old saying is that if you’ve dug yourself into a hole, stop digging.

This is the core of The Drummond Report and it is right on. A large number of cash sink holes have been identified and these must be plugged. This task is the responsibility of management at all levels within the Provincial civil service. Strong management will look after their areas of responsibility and this is where the great failure has occurred. Having effective managers will put a quick stop to the large number of current financial sink holes. Every effort must be made to have a highly qualified management team, at all levels of the civil service.

It is our position that the best way to get the Province out of the current mess is to put in place policies that will encourage job creation, and this means by the private sector and not by hiring more civil servants.

Over the next week we will look in detail into some of the strategies that we here at The Parkdale Party would execute in order to get this Province back on its feet and reclaim its rightful place as a Have Province.



About Walter Widla

Walter Widla, well-known bon vivant and political gadfly, is the campaign strategiest behind The Parkdale Party — a grassroots organization to move the management of the Province down to the Riding level as opposed to the current system of entrenched political party ideologies that only work for the vocal minority.