Ontario, dear Ontario, where are we heading? (Part 5)

Management is the key to any organization at every level. Generally speaking businesses live and die based on the strength of their management group. Government should be no different.

The core problem in the operation of the Ontario government is that there is too  much money spent on the many levels of management, and not enough on the delivery of the services. The structure of the Ontario government resembles a rectangle much more than it does the traditional pyramid. With the current management structure a disproportionate amount of money is spent on middle management.

The problems always start at the top, and this is where we should be looking for the solution. If the top management group does not keep tabs on the managers reporting to them then the example flows down through the entire system. Conversely, a strong management group at the top will have tremendous impact on the layers below as each layer will have a good example to follow.

Having such a large middle management sector really only means that the system is filled with inefficient or otherwise underqualified managers. If managers are doing their jobs effectively then they will be constantly working to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their departments, without being instructed to do so. The fact that, generally speaking,  the Ontario government is overloaded with middle management means that the managers at the top are not doing their jobs.

Start at the top and make the necessary personnel changes to get qualified people making decisions. Either the existing management team will be shaken up to do their jobs properly or those new managers will make the required personnel changes.

This is what The Parkdale Party would do.


About Walter Widla

Walter Widla, well-known bon vivant and political gadfly, is the campaign strategiest behind The Parkdale Party — a grassroots organization to move the management of the Province down to the Riding level as opposed to the current system of entrenched political party ideologies that only work for the vocal minority.