Ontario, dear Ontario, where are we heading? (Part 6)

One significant point we have learned from the Drummond report is that our government is too self-absorbed and just can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees. So it makes tremendous sense to analyze the management strategies implemented throughout our Provincial bureaucracy.For a government to be effective it must have the ability to impartially judge and criticise itself. If this is not an available tool then the result is that managers have no way, nor any interest, to ensure that their plans and strategies are realistic. It certainly appears that, generally speaking, management in Ontario’s public service is out of touch with what is happening outside of their own departments.

It is a long-established process in the engineering sector that a person cannot check their own work. This is not a criticism of any individual but simply a recognition of human nature. This method of management review has finally been executed by the Liberals by hiring Don Drummond to review their plan with independent “third-party” eyes. Such a hire clearly states that our current government doesn’t have the strength within its existing management group to perform such reviews. Having to sub-contract such an analysis should result in the replacement of a large number of existing managers as it is their core job to clearly understand how to run their departments to the highest efficiency possible. Clearly the current crop of managers has not been doing their job.

Third-party evaluations will shake up the management group very quickly and they will either shape up or they should be replaced. With the Provincial government’s payroll consuming about 50% of the budget it is clear that this is a huge opportunity for both short-term and long-term operational efficiencies.

Remember, the government is not in the business of creating jobs. If people have jobs that are not required or that are not being performed adequately then changes must be made. This may sound cold-hearted but it is also not fair to employees who are not used effectively, nor to taxpayers, to have people floundering around looking for something to do.

Effective management will pay huge dividends to government employees and tax payers.


About Walter Widla

Walter Widla, well-known bon vivant and political gadfly, is the campaign strategiest behind The Parkdale Party — a grassroots organization to move the management of the Province down to the Riding level as opposed to the current system of entrenched political party ideologies that only work for the vocal minority.