Ontario needs a better reason to vote.

37% of 49% is 18%.

That’s right, 18% of the eligible votes have set the direction for our Province for the new Term. This certainly is not a resounding victory for the Liberals but it is a victory nevertheless. A very sad statement as to both the quality of the Parties and the complete lack of interest from the public.

I find it hard to believe that people are this lazy and am convinced that there simply was no Party nor leader who resonated with us commoners. They just don’t have a clue about what is happening here at street level. The lost jobs, the underemployment, the wasted spending, the misguided pet projects, and the incredible low quality of the bureaucracy who we entrust to look after our interests.

What the citizens of Ontario need is a much better reason to come out and vote.

The Parkdale Party will give our citizens that reason to come out for the next election and kick these bums out and give the job to people who want value for their tax dollars.

Anyone interested in cleaning our Provincial house just say “VALUE FOR MY TAXES!”

About Walter Widla

Walter Widla, well-known bon vivant and political gadfly, is the campaign strategiest behind The Parkdale Party — a grassroots organization to move the management of the Province down to the Riding level as opposed to the current system of entrenched political party ideologies that only work for the vocal minority.