Ontario – Where are the Jobs?

Just how long are we expected to wait for the Ontario Liberal job creation machine to fire up? We’re shedding manufacturing jobs fast and can’t wait much longer. Mr. McGuinty, where are those jobs you promised?

Full time jobs are disappearing. Manufacturers are leaving. The tax base is shrinking!

Please Mr. McGuinty, don’t wait any longer. We desperately need you to pull a ton of jobs out of your hat. You told us that those jobs were coming and we trusted you by electing you once again. You wouldn’t lie to us, would you?

Public sector unions are demanding continued gains, damn the reality!

Private sector employers are pulling up stakes and leaving, downsizing, restructuring, or just plain giving up.

We need leadership that has the courage to do what is right for the vast majority of the citizens of Ontario.

We need The Parkdale Party.

About Walter Widla

Walter Widla, well-known bon vivant and political gadfly, is the campaign strategiest behind The Parkdale Party — a grassroots organization to move the management of the Province down to the Riding level as opposed to the current system of entrenched political party ideologies that only work for the vocal minority.


  1. wow,

  2. Are you looking for help ?..I need a job …I am thinking of running for office..I hear its a great way to make a living..

    • Walter Widla says:

      Hi Jerome
      Yes, we are looking for help.
      We are looking for like minded people right across the Province to run in the next election, whcih could be coming sooner than later.
      Subscribe to our Party and we will keep you informed of our plans.